Fruity Bubblz - Comes in 3 Scents

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Fruity Bubblz - Comes in 3 Scents

Enjoy hours of fun with kid-friendly scented Fruity Bubbles! Ready to play in seconds just peel label, add water, dip and wave! Makes millions of Bubbles! Choose from 3 Scents, Grape, Lemon and Strawberry. BRAMBO’s focus is to offer fun, inspiring and creative toys for boys and girls of all ages! From impulse and novelty items to craft and STEM; BRAMBO has formative, educational toys that make an impact in the market space!


  • Just Peel and add water
  • Dip & Wave
  • No parental assembly or assistance needed


  • Fruity Bubbles Wand,
  • 2 x 10ml Scented Bubble Concentrate
  • Dipping Tray

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