Free shipping on all orders of $99 or more ! Restrictions apply


We do not ship oversized items  like mattresses, furniture, fragile Items and blinds that are wider than 70 inches. 

If you see “This product is available for in-store pickup only.” 

Means you can purchase the item online but  pickup the item in your selected store only.

As soon as one of your products is ready (you will receive an email or Phone call for that purpose), you can pick it up at your selected store. You may also wait until your entire order is ready before picking it up. 

From the moment your entire order is ready, you must come and pick it up at your selected store within 7 days .After this period, the store reserves the right to cancel the order and you will be refunded. 


Items Available "In-store Only" 

Some of our items are only available in store because quantities are very limited..

You will only be able to purchase them at the Hart Store closest to your location. You will not be able to add them to your cart. 


Delivery or pick up methods 

The delivery or pick up options available for a given product are subject to change, based on the store you have selected or that has been automatically attributed to you.

Please ensure that you have selected the store where you want to pick up your order or the store which is the closest to the delivery address before adding items to your cart to ensure you obtain all relevant information regarding delivery or pick up option. 

IMPORTANT : If you want your items DELIVERY TO YOUR DOORSTEP you need to remove any In-Store Pickup only items from your cart before checkout.  

**You can not combine DELIVERY TO YOUR DOORSTEP items with IN-STORE ONLY  items , you need to place TWO DIFFERENT ORDERS. 



The prices shown on this website are based on the prices at which items are sold at Hart Stores and Hart Home Stores. 

Due to unforeseeable market fluctuations, Hart Stores  reserves the right to change the prices of products featured on its website at any time, without prior notice.

All prices quoted on the Hart website are in Canadian dollars and are for illustrative purposes only.

The prices of products featured on this website may differ from the prices shown in stores for the same products.

The prices of identical products may also vary by store. Certain charges may also be added in store. 

All prices exclude the applicable federal and provincial taxes. The applicable tax rate may vary by province and period.

Federal and provincial taxes are based on the prevailing rates at the time of purchase. All amounts are in Canadian dollars. 


Product availability 

Inventory shown as of yesterday. Hart Stores. makes every effort to stock sufficient quantities of the products on its website. However, Hart Stores cannot guarantee the availability of these products.

Despite the care taken by Hartstores errors may occur.

When there is an error in pricing or product availability, it is corrected by our system.

Certain items may be slightly different from the images shown in the detailed product description on the website.

Hartstores will not be liable for any damages from stock shortages or delays in delivery. 


Where do we ship?

Anywhere in Canada!* Some restriction may apply.

Web Exclusives

You saw an item on our website that you can’t find in-store? Some items might be web exclusives that are ONLY available to be purchased online.