XFIT Copper Infused Compression Socks (5-Pack)

Size: L/XL
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Prevent fatigue and aches with the copper infused compression socks - a gentle, comfortable, and non-invasive method for those who suffer from frequent foot discomfort. This set includes 5 pairs of compression socks, each with a copper-infused polyester fiber composition that effectively helps alleviate discomfort.

These compression socks are soft, comfortable, supportive, and feature a unisex knee-length style that both men and women can benefit from. They can enhance blood circulation and help reduce swelling. They are also effective in eliminating bad odors thanks to their breathable fabric. Say goodbye to your constant leg/foot pain and hello to a new, comfortable way of walking!


  • Includes 5 pairs of compression socks
  • Prevents fatigue and aches
  • Knee-length style
  • Copper-infused polyester fiber composition
  • Soft, comfortable, & supportive
  • Size Large/Extra Large
  • Unisex design - for men & women

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