WIFI Smart Camera

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Whether it's to keep an eye on your pets, monitor criminal activity in your home, or to watch the children, this WIFI Smart Camera is the perfect choice. Its small, compact, and wireless design makes it useful for a variety of areas. The pan-tilt function allows a 355-degree rotation horizontally and 120-degrees vertically. Plus, it has a night and daytime vision capability to film regardless of the visibility.

The Smart Camera connects via WIFI to your smartphone (Android + iOS) and includes a two-way intercom function, enhancing the way you can use it while not at home. The micro SD card slot also allows you to insert storage for saving video footage, so you can keep track of your home's activity at all times!


  • Mini wireless design
  • WIFI operated
  • Two-way intercom
  • Micro SD card slot
  • Pan-tilt function
  • Night + day vision
  • Charging cable power adapter included

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