Starfrit - 6 Piece Knife Set

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Starfrit - 6 Piece Knife Set

The Starfrit set consists of six knives and their matching scabbards. The blades are made of steel and carbon to stay sharp without oxidizing. Their non-stick coating also contributes to cutting comfort. In addition to their ergonomic design, the handles are made of an antibacterial material protecting the hygiene of the kitchen.

The paring knife is used every day to mince garlic and onions. The thick blades of the Santoku Japanese knife and the chef's knife are ideal for easily slicing raw meats. To prevent skidding, the split point of the paring knife provides a good grip on smooth-skinned vegetables like tomatoes. Finally, as a good meal is not without bread, the sandwich knife and the bread knife allow gourmets to cut bagels and baguettes without crushing them.


Carbon stainless steel blades
Non-stick coating
Ergonomic and antibacterial handle
Easy cleaning with soapy water
1 year warranty


A paring knife (3.5 in / 9 cm blade), with scabbard
A paring knife (4 in / 10 cm blade), with scabbard
Santoku knife (5 in / 12 cm blade), with scabbard
A sandwich knife (6.5 in / 16.5 cm blade), with scabbard
Chef's knife (8 in / 20 cm blade), with scabbard
Bread knife (8 in / 20 cm blade), with scabbard

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