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We are proud to present our Privilege program! Every purchase at Renaissance will earn you points. For every $1 spent, you will earn 1 point on your "Hart Points" card. You will then be able to reduce your bill thanks to your accumulated points.

I register

How to register?


To enjoy the new Privilege program, all members must create an online account. When creating your account, you will be asked to enter a card number if you obtained one in store. Otherwise, you can check the “digital card” option.

1. To get a digital card
If you opt for the digital card, you can get it now by registering online. Be sure to download your card to your smartphone before your next visit. Simply present your virtual card at the checkout to earn points .

2. To get a physical card
If you prefer to have a physical card*, you must ask for it at the cash counter of one of our stores. It will be possible to collect points even before you have created your online account. However, you will have to complete your registration afterwards by entering the card number given in store.

Once your online profile is completed, you will receive 100 points as a gift with your first transaction within 60 days of your online registration.

*Physical cards are made of recycled plastic.



How does the program work?


What are the benefits of the new Privilege program?
The basic benefits of the program are:
1) point offer with every purchase: $1 spent = 1 point earned;
2) bonus points on the first purchase within 60 days after completing an online profile;

Other exclusive benefits:
Members will enjoy other exclusive benefits. These will take the form of bonus points and/or discounts, sweepstakes, etc. These limited-time offers will be communicated to our members by email.

How many points do I need to collect to be able to use them?
You will be able to redeem your points for the first time when 150 points are accumulated. To help you reach this threshold, we offer you bonus points throughout the year.

Is it mandatory to create an online profile to be a member of the new Privilege program?
Yes, the new program is computerized in order to register your accumulated points and allow you to benefit from your advantages without delay. In addition, your online profile allows you to know your points balance at all times and to receive offers and information by email.

What happens to the old Privilege program?
The new program replaces the old one; it requires a new card and offers more frequent and diversified benefits, including bonus points and/or discounts, sweepstakes and exclusive offers.

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